Achieving Beautiful Full & Long Eyelashes

A pair of thick, long eyelashes beautifully makes your eyes pop, and when you have them, you can get away with wearing only minimal makeup. Whether you’re blessed with naturally long lashes or not, here are some tips for achieving the look and the products you need to give your lashes a helping hand in looking as long, full and luscious as possible.

    • Proper Nutrition — B vitamins, and especially biotin, can help eyelashes and the hair on your head grow. Additionally, a biotin deficiency can actually cause eyelashes to fall out. Boost your biotin intake with foods like nutritional yeast, liver, cauliflower, salmon, bananas, carrots, egg yolks, sardines, legumes, and mushrooms—all rich in biotin. Biotin supplements are also a good way to get those nutrients.
    • Picking the Right Mascara — Double up on your mascara by using two different ones with separate purposes. Pick your favorite lengthening mascara and layer it on, then follow-up with a coat of your go-to volumizing mascara. It’s hard to get both effects from just one mascara.
    • Applying Fake Eyelashes — Practice makes perfect. If you have a big event coming up, try out your lashes a few days before. You’re not going to get it perfect right off, so you don’t want to be panicking a few hours before your big night out. There are several how-to videos on YouTube on applying false lashes.
    • Eyelash Extensions — The process can take a couple of hours, but can provide you with a few weeks of beautiful, eye-batting lashes. To maintain the life of your extensions, try to sleep on your back. Carefully remove your eye makeup with removers that are not oil free, and brush out extensions daily to prevent tangling. If you properly care for your lashes, they can last from one to two months.

Prescription Treatments — If you’re sick of falsies, extensions, and endless tubes of mascara that never seem to do the trick, Latisse could be your answer. Latisse is a prescription topical medication that you apply to your lash line once a day. In most, it results in longer—sometimes mega-long, darker, thicker eyelashes.

6 thoughts on “Achieving Beautiful Full & Long Eyelashes

  1. Brilliant tips 😊 I have had falsies in once and the compliments were so overwhelming. I want to get extensions, just a little nervous 😏

    • Thanks, Lola! Lashes can be flattering and it gives the eyes depth and contour. I completely understand your reservations regarding extensions. They are fine in the beginning, but over time, your natural lashes start to shed along with the lash extensions. I personally prefer the strip falsies.

  2. I absolutely love the tip on doubling on the mascara! I got two different types and applied it like you mention and it does make a big difference.

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