Personal Styling Services

Why Hire A Personal Stylist?

Everyone wants to look and feel effortlessly beautiful and confident, regardless of age, body type or lifestyle. Anyone can benefit from learning to express their most empowered self.

As a fashion stylist, I am dedicated to helping individuals or groups who are seeking a renewed sense of self-expression. A fashion stylist is often helpful during particular transition phases, whether it be related to careers, relationships or body changes, or an upcoming special occasion.

What Do We Do First?
As your personal stylist, here’s a list of the steps I will guide you through:

  • Discuss your goals.
  • Consider your lifestyle, body type, budget and style preferences.
  • Assess your current wardrobe, if requested.
  • Develop your optimal wardrobe – one that is highly flattering and fashionable.
  • Provide guidance through Fashion Match materials and photographs.
  • Provide personal shopping, if requested.

What Comes Next?
After the initial process of developing your optimal wardrobe is complete, I will be available for ongoing consultation and personal shopping services, as well as assisting you with special occasion dressing or travel wardrobe planning, either for business or vacation.

How Much Does Personal Styling Cost?
You will discover that Luvie’s fashion stylist service pays for itself by creating a new level of self-confidence which invites greater personal and professional success. Plus, it means no more money wasted buying clothes that don’t fit and you never wear! Due to my depth of experience, I know how to help you tailor an updated wardrobe for a reasonable out-of-pocket expense.

Initial consultation: $35 (up to 1 hour)
Closet check-up: $50 per hour
Personal styling: $75 per hour
Personal shopping for client: $35 per hour
Personal shopping with client: $50 per hour
Dressing for special occasions, events: $75 per hour
Wardrobe photo shoot: $100 per hour

If you need wardrobe styling or a stylist for an upcoming photoshoot, contact Adetoun Sanders for more information or to book your session today!

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